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A Note from Your Principal

August 2022
Welcome back, Woodsboro community!
My name is Melanie Carmona and I am thrilled to serve you as principal of Woodsboro Elementary. You can read more about me and my commitment to Woodsboro on the About the Principal page.
Our theme this year is Positive Impact. Countless medical studies show us that the effects of being positive include lower levels of distress and pain, greater resistance to illnesses, and better psychological and physical well-being. And in the world of education, a positive environment creates relaxed learners who develop meaningful relationships with peers and adults. A recent study from Stanford University found that positivity makes kids more successful; being positive improved their ability to answer math problems, increased their memories and enhanced their problem-solving abilities. We will aim to leverage these beneficial effects by making every day a great one. Think of the powerful influence we can have on student learning if we all commit to work on being more positive, both at school and at home? We'd love for our families to join us! Here are some simple and small ways to be more positive.
In addition to living this theme, we will continue to emphasize college and career readiness for ALL students in our pursuit of academic excellence. To that end, we are a proud AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) elementary school and will continue to enhance instruction through research-based AVID strategies in all upper grade classes this year. Our district has also approved the adoption of a brand-new standards-aligned science program called Twig. Our staff will be trained in this new program and will also continue to participate in ongoing professional development to engage students in the most current and relevant curriculum. We will work diligently to meet the individual needs of all students. In addition, it is our utmost priority to ensure that our school is a safe, positive environment where students and families feel welcome and part of the Woodsboro family.
I look forward to the year ahead!
Melanie Carmona
Woodsboro Elementary Principal