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Placement Policy

Placement Policy for Specific Teachers or Classrooms

Your input and ideas regarding your child’s education are always welcome at Woodsboro Elementary School. We are, however, unable to accept or grant requests for a specific teacher or class, or for combination classes or non-combination classes.

Each year the composition of classes is based on several criteria. We carefully select classes based on students’ special programs, class size requirements, and placement of students receiving special services. Fluctuation in student population over the summer and class size limits also affect which teachers are assigned to each grade level as well as the possible formation of combination classes for the fall. Students may be assigned to combo classes for one or more years.

Teacher and student class assignments are finalized in August just before school starts. You will be notified of your child’s teacher’s name and room number by email and/or Aeries Parent Portal the evening of the Monday before school starts each year.