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Student Valet Rules


Following the rules below will ensure the success of our Student Valet Program:

1. Give kisses and hugs before leaving home.
2. Have student backpacks and instrument on their laps or next to them and be sure they are ready to exit your car before entering the Valet Drop-Off area. Nothing should be in the trunk of the car. Drivers will not exit car.
3. Carefully approach the drop off curb, pulling as far forward as possible to allow as many cars in the parking lot as space allows. A Student Valet wearing an orange vest will wave you forward and indicate where you should stop. 
4. Come to a complete stop near the Student Valet and the Valet will open and close the car doors(s). If car is too far from the curb for the Student Valet to reach the door without stepping off the curb they will not open the door. Student Valet will NEVER step off the curb.
5. All students will exit on the passenger side of the car only (curbside). 
6. If you walk on campus, stay on the sidewalk or crosswalk. Please be a good role model for our students.
7. Teach your child how to unlock their car seat. They are able to do it themselves. 
8. Place car seats on the driver's side of the car to make it easier for children entering and exiting your car.
9. You may park in the east parking lot and walk to the front of the school if you choose to not use the Valet.

Cones will be placed on the driveway indicating where to enter. After passing the cones, drivers may exit after drop off.

This program has been developed in collaboration with the Anaheim Police Department, Woodsboro Safety Committee, parents, and PYLUSD Transportation Department.